This is our story hub. You know how we try to take notes but still struggle to remember who we talked to and when? Or how we have little details about each character that the others would know but might forget over weeks or months? Or how it’d be nice to have maps handy? This is what Obsidian Portal is for.

Please go to the characters section and update your character (if you haven’t joined, I will add you as the owner of your character once you have). This is not about stats, this is about story. Put anything here that other players would or should know — especially a picture. I will also be adding NPCs here, and note the search box at the top that will help once we get a lot of people involved.

There are also Adventure Logs, and while I believe I’m the only one who can edit the main post for each adventure, there is a comment section — use that to add key notes during the episode or after. Whatever you don’t want to forget, or don’t want others to forget.