The Leviathan Coast

A Meeting in the South Ward Touches Off a Series of Unfortunate Events by Ges Slahoot

Cott-Root Rot

Synopsis: I am beginning to doubt the sanity of some members of our party.

Chronology: On a lark, Clara, Viola and I accompanied the druid Reidoth to a meeting at the Safehaven Inn in the South Ward of Waterdeep. Reidoth billed the meeting as a kind of summit of Greenroots and the Cottagers. Sure enough, both groups were well-represented at the gathering. It is surprising to see them making common cause: The Greenroots want us to live in hollow trees and the Cottagers want everyone to have his own house.

Nevertheless, the speakers made a compelling case for abolishing the rule of nobles and improving the lot of the common people. I was prepared to sign up to attend future meetings.

Then the City Watch raided the meeting. Clara and a druid held a phalanx of Watchmen at bay as they tried to rush down the steps.

A strange elf told me to follow him if I wanted to live. I had no desire to stand and fight the City Watch of Waterdeep for the dingy basement of a cheap inn. Suffice it to say that the Cottagers and Greenroots of the South Ward are in no shape to physically confront anyone. Fearing a massacre by the City Watch or mass casualties by self-trampling, the elf and I escorted the Vanguard of the Whatever to safety through a secret passageway.

Later, in a safe house we met the druid Carric; the monk Xavi; and the overgrown street urchin half-orc, “Valravn.” The strange (and strangely compelling) elf introduced himself as Finithin Nix, a member of the Cottager-Greenroot revolutionary movement.

Fin is at best a mid-level operative in the Cott-Root Conspiracy. Two of Fin’s associates are currently serving on the rotating C-R leadership council. Who knows who else is in the inner circle today, or what they want. These people are as opaque as the Masked Lords themselves!

It turns out that none of the six of us have any allegiance to Waterdeep. We’ve all heard the legends, but none of us really knows much about the place. My friends have decided they want to overthrow the government of a strange city based on the half-baked philosophies of some very good-looking people they met in a tavern.

At a meeting the next day, Fin proposed kidnapping a Masked Lord of Waterdeep. He wasn’t clear on what this kidnapping was supposed to accomplish, apart from “sending a message.” It would send a message alright: That Cott-Roots need to be killed. Even if the people of Waterdeep concluded that the Masked Lords were vulnerable, it’s not clear how the revolutionaries would capitalize on this opportunity in order to seize power, or how they would rule Waterdeep if it were handed to them, or if they want to rule at all.

Recall that half the members of this conspiracy want to take over the city and the other half want to burn it to the ground. In my opinion, this is a political difference that should be ironed out before any violence takes place.

If the Cott-Roots aren’t careful, Waterdeep will become the next Luskan. They might destabilize the government, but the pirates will be waiting to sack the city. Whoever these Masked Lords are, it’s safe to assume they’re not pirates. Because if they were pirates, we’d all be wearing our intestines around our necks by now.

The Cott-Roots have no inkling of the horrors lie beyond Waterdeep. It’s easy to talk about abolishing the city when you’re protected by the city walls. Waterdeep is teeming with pickpockets and saturated with filth—but you don’t see owlbears wandering down the street, now do you?

To my astonishment, other members of the party were eager to go along with Fin’s scheme. I wasn’t surprised that our party’s professional thief was on board for this mission, but I didn’t expect a druid, a monk, and a noblewoman to jump at the chance to abduct a sitting Masked Lord for no clear reason. Gradually the plan shifted towards terrorizing the Masked Lord at home in order to extract information from him.

I refused to have any part in this ill-conceived, hastily planned operation. I was pleased and surprised that the entire party returned alive. I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that they’re now planning a prison break, to rescue some friend of Carric’s.

Carric’s friend is also a druid, a person of some importance in Carric’s druid club, or druid circle, or whatever they call it. I am weary of druids. What is this “balance” that they’re always nattering about? The “balance” between sanity and madness?

Oh, and the juvenile half-orc turned out be wearing a false jaw. She is a half-orc of the female persuasion. She seems to have more sense than anyone else in this party.




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