The Leviathan Coast

After Action Report: Orc-Human Brotherhood Anthem II

By Ges Slahoot


The second of two morale-boosting songs I have written on the neglected topic of orc-human brotherhood.

Half-Orcs: Our Brothers From Another Mother (Literally)

Fierce Gurrath and mighty Lop,
Can strike fear in any cop,

Our human hearts do swell with pride,
We’re so glad they’re on our side,

We have teeth and they have tusks,
But underneath, they’re just like us!


The Lords of Waterdeep will set up fake company unions to divide us.

So I suggest:

The Lord’s Dock Union
Is a no good union
It’s a company union
By the bosses.

Cause the no good dock lackeys
And the Socialist fakers
Are making by the workers
Double Crosses.

The Wisetides, the Sariches,
And the Thorngages,
Is preaching by the workers
False promises.

Cause they preach socialism
But they practice fascism
To preserve capitalism
By the bosses.

The original.

faletti beyerstein

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