The Leviathan Coast

Bird's Eye View: Ep. 03 -- Nihil Boni Sine Labore


Kythorn 04 Continued.

A halberd pin designates a City Watch commander. And guess who had the luck of being tangled up with several of them in the midst of a full-blown riot? You guess it, our heroes. But just when it looked like the confrontation would pass the point of no return violence-wise, someone had the good sense to shout out to protect the noblewoman in the crowd: Clara Arundel. Clara seized on this to bring the Watchmen under her command as they formed up defensively around her.

The party moved towards the southeast corner of Net Street and Keel Alley—all save Ges, who went to save Flint Sharphorn, the man whose beating originally drew Ges and friends into the fray. As this happened, the crowd surged. Something was coming towards them, something that terrified the crowd.

Ges worked towards safety on the northeast corner, hauling Flint up onto the one story roof. The rest of the crew had climbed into the windows and/or roof of a warehouse on the opposite side. And that’s when they saw the Half-Orcs coming down Keel Alley. Each of them had a bloody saw painted somewhere on their clothing (Val would later clarify that this was the symbol of the Bonesaws, a tribe known in the Sword Mountains) and they marched in orderly columns, shouting loudly for everyone to clear out.

It worked. The way the less… open-minded of the crowd reacted, you’d have thought it was all:

But really it was just four columns, each three Half-Orcs deep, led by a fella named Gurrath.

After the rot cleared out, our heroes were introduced to Gurrath and his two most trusted friends, Daga and Lop. While Gurrath had little patience for this “movement” (and even less for a fancypants like Valravn), his group of workers—The Wave Crashers—were more enthusiastic.

Everyone* teamed up to put out the fires that had spread beyond the piers, and after a few hours, the state of emergency had passed. But now the docks were as quiet as a graveyard. Where were Waterdeep’s City Watch and Guard? Had they left the docks to burn, or were they reeling from the loss of control and the death of notable noble Bardryn Sarich? No one in this motley crew can say.

After that, the parties split up. The Wave Crashers returned to their homes while Carric, Viola and Xavi went back to Madame Garah’s to check up on the released prisoners. Val, Clara and Ges made their way to The Splintered Stair to investigate the state of dock strike. Check the secrets for how those meetings went, and check back here for more excitement in our next episode!

*minus a certain Halfling, who we are all certain was just checking up on ol’ Flint Sharphorn, right?


faletti faletti

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