The Leviathan Coast

Our first three days in town.

From the journals of Carric Naïlo

From the Journals of Carric Naïlo:

Time is of the essence so I will make this quick.

I spent the morning in private observance of my faith at the Temple of Sylvanus. I was surprised to discover and old friend of mine, the human Igald, was serving as the temple priest. It turns out that he knew of a separate Green Roots/Cottager meeting at The Raging Lion and we agreed to meet up after our respective meetings to discuss what we had observed. I have not seen Igald since and fear he has been captured or is dead.

The Cotttager/ Green Root meeting we attended, where a stout human named Lorbrin Cooper and Shava Moonwhisper, a rather comely female elf, spoke was disrupted by an attack by the City Watch. We managed to fend off the attack, and, remarkably, make some new friends while we were at it, two humans named Clara and Ges, a halfling named Viola and an elven courtesan named Finathan Nix.

After helping all who attended flee (thanks, in no small part, to my summoning of a moonbeam to scare them away from one of the stairs and some judicious use of Pass Without Trace to help us escape quietly), we entered a safe house with Fin. Fin then proceeded to interrogate us about our beliefs and our reasons for attending. The hotheaded Elf was clearly feeling paranoid— after all, their secret meetings had just been broken up— but I was startled at my companion’s forthcomingness about themselves. Apparently, the group we’ve met are an earnest lot— Ges calls himself, without irony, a “simple human male”—which is quite refreshing as I have been dealing, of late, with no end of liars, tricksters, and mountebanks.

I left the meeting with Fin to find Igald to no avail.

DAY TWO: I tracked down Shava Moonwhisper at the tavern where she is currently staying. We spoke about the Green Roots and the Cottagers. It appears that an alliance has formed between two likeminded, but not identical, groups. The Green Roots seek,as we druids do, to correct the balance between cities and nature. They feel that, if current trends continue, nature will be overrun. The Cottagers, meanwhile, seek to overturn the nobility and return governance to a state of nature, which is to say, every man looking after his own lot. The reasons for this alliance make a lot of sense, and the Green Roots see overturning the nobility as their best chance to affect environmental change, but their compact is not without its tensions.

I attempted to contact Igald again, and again, nothing. My worries about my dear friend only grew over the course of the day.

That evening, we attended a meeting at the Red Sails warehouse, where Fin proposed that we kidnap a Lord named Bardryn Sarich, who is one of his customers. Val and I agreed that if we could get the information we wanted without kidnapping Bardryn, we would all be better off. No one needs that kind of heat on him. We also wanted to avoid blowing Fin’s cover. He’s a valuable asset as a courtesan, less so as a wanted elf whose handy with a bow.

Eventually, after much debate, we decided that Fin would maintain his cover, get Bardryn in a compromised position, and that Val and I would interrogate Bardryn while Clara watched the door and Xavi and Viola scoped out the rest of the estate. Ges, our simply human male friend, decided that this was too morally complex and decided to sit this one out.

The mission was an astounding success. Val and I managed to find out the following
(1) The prisoners from the Green Roots/Cottagers meetings are being held at South Fort Keep. He doesn’t know any of the specific prisoners.

(2) One of the other Masked Lords knows who the mole is, but Bardryn does not.

(3) The next Masked Lords meeting is to be held in 9 days. It is likely to be at the High House of Roaring Horn, but that is not certain as the Open Lord (Yari Wisetide) has yet to declare the location.

(4) We also managed, by threatening to “mail Fin back to him in pieces” and also reveal his sexual proclivities to his wife, to get him to promise to meet us at the Broken Lance tavery in 8 days. He is to tell us the definite location and try to get us as much information about the mole as possible.

He has been instructed to come to that meeting alone, but there’s no way that’s going to happen. We must be prepared for anything, and maybe have a contingency plan together.

Xavi and Viola also had great success rifling through the lord’s papers. We should hold on to whatever they’ve found for now, lest it become common knowledge that Bardryn has been targeted. Eventually, however, we’ll need to hand over the papers they’ve found. Viola has also stolen Bardryn’s family seal. I bet I can use that to our advantage at some point.

Our most pressing concern is springing our friends from prison. I have agreed to go into the Fort in the form of a mouse to scout out the prison. Val has suggested that since he and Clara can both summon their weapons, they should attempt to get arrested and thrown in the same prison as the Cottagers and Green Roots. I would like to scope out the Prison first. Perhaps i can find Igald, my worry for old friend is, at this point, great. If I can get into his cell to talk to him, perhaps i can learn something that can help us get these prisoners out of there with a minimum of armed conflict. If we can avoid alerting the entire City Watch, it’d be a good thing.


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