The Leviathan Coast

Song: Never Bored With The Morning Lord

A Hymn for the Waterdeep Temple of Lathander

Never Bored With the Morning Lord
by Ges Slahoot

If you’re craving something new,
Lathander is the god for you.

The god of light and youth and grace,
Feel His rays upon your face.

Make new friends, expand your mind.
Leave your dreary faith behind.

Salons and parties, lectures too.
There’s always something fun to do.

Sing with us, forget your cares.
Life’s too short for boring prayers.

The Morning Lord, bless’d be he…
Said “Bring your dreams and schemes to me.”

We grease the skids, we turn the gears,
We hook you up with financiers.

We worship He Who Brings the Dawn,
He keeps the draco-liches gone.

So, get your ass up out of bed.
Face the sun and fight undead!


faletti beyerstein

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