Braern Ardeth

it is time for the retreat to end


He looks remarkably like Carric Naïlo, but with dark hair, no scars, a larger nose, nicer clothes and lots of exotic jewelry.


Braern Ardeth is a High Elf from the secretive island Elf nation of Evermeet. The scion of the wealthy noble family, Braern has been sent from Evermeet to Faerun to begin negotiating trade relationships in anticipation of the end of the Retreat, which is likely to come to a close soon.

(The Retreat, btw, is explained a bit here… for over a century, Elves of Faerun have been emigrating to the all-Elf nation of Evermeet to live solely amongst Elves and Elven culture. But the Retreat is likely coming to an end, and some Elven factions have begun laying groundwork for when it is officially declared over.)

Braern Ardeth

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