Laney Emwich

Cities breed filth and hate.


Human female
Greenroots supporter
Cousin of Raffolk Waley
Smitten with Valravn, avenger of Raff’s death


Laney and her family, the Emwiches, have traveled from their small farming community west of the Goldenfields to join the cause of the Greenroots.

It all started when a handsome young man came through town with flyers, speaking of the growing movement for change in Waterdeep. While many farmers grumbled agreement about the unjust amount of taxes and cropshares owned to their landowners, his message resonated particularly deeply with Laney and her father. Soon it was all Laney would talk about, and so they decided to travel into town to learn more with others who felt the calling. Maybe it would amount to nothing, but maybe—just maybe—change was in the air.

Laney Emwich

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