The Leviathan Coast

Tangled Bine Stems Score the Sky

Xavi Flings his Soul at the Growing Doom

I have know my compatriots but for a few days drawn by a vision that the lichocracy of Thay threatens the descendants of the chosen. Their agendas are all over the place, and they lack clarity, confusing self-interest for political strategy. Their plans are poorly thought out. They cannot prioritize. And they have taken my suspicions lightly. Now, there is proof. Lala detected the machinations and subterfuges of the Thayans on the surface of their minds.

There can be no question, Thay makes a play for the West. Moreover, the Wychlaran send a message that there are rumors of a Red force headed West. Either the Liches make a move to grab a center of the world or the resentful human wizards seek to make their own stronghold removed from the necromocracy.

I may die doing so, but I will stop them. My compatriots largely lack an appreciation of the threat to grasp what is at stake. Even if they were to understand it, they lack the capacity. The workers’ movement and the Masked Lords and the Moonstars must all work together to stop it. I believe that what we can best do right now is discover how to release the spirit of the Blackstaff so that Lala can claim much of its power. We can find the dragon eggs and prevent the ritual from happening. And perhaps we can find the dragons from whom the eggs were stolen and point them at Thay and Ophilin to exact revenge.


faletti robinvar

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