Greenroots believe that the rights of nature trump the rights and claims of the races of Faerun. Anything that harms or retards the Natural State is abhorrent.

Most Greenroots agree that governments exist to expand their own power and territory. That means the destruction of more nature to build, and the addition of more selfish people who pollute. Thus, most Greenroots don’t believe city governments have any right to exist because most of them believe cities to be evil.

Because of their equation of nature and peace, most Greenroots generally oppose violence. This has led to their long-held reputation as a haven for weaklings and those who resent the strong. This is also why they have largely been dismissed for centuries. Recently, though, some rather strong people have begun openly identifying as Greenroots. And some recent demonstrations in cities of the Sword Coast have simmered with a surprising amount of tension.

Gossip holds that they’ve aligned with the Cottagers to try and affect real change, but it remains to be seen if that alliance (if if exists) can hold and/or make either of them more than an oddity.


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