Guildmasters and Merchants


Guildmasters and Merchants believe that wealth and/or economic power should determine political power. That takes one of two forms: a Freehold, in which all landowners hold voting rights, or an Economic Council, in which a small group of the wealthiest citizens hold all political powers.

Most of the Sword Coast is ruled by nobility, and those rulers tend to talk of Guildmasters and Merchants as greedy, uncultured upstarts. While they tend to coexist peacefully, the sense that the nouveau riche want to force their way to the political table creates constant tension in the background.

The economic elite tend not to value patronage and expect the lower classes to pull themselves up by their breech strings, as many of the Guildmasters and Merchants claim to have done.

Generally speaking, the Guildmasters and Merchants are the second most powerful political faction in the Sword Coast.

Guildmasters and Merchants

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