Order of the Gauntlet


When evil breaks laws, agreements, or commonly accepted codes of conduct, the Gauntlet strikes hard and fast, without waiting for the blessings of distant temples or the permission of rulers. Evil must be met in the field and smashed, or it will swiftly overcome all. Many paladins and clerics have joined the organization to make common cause against the evils abroad in the world.

The Order of the Gauntlet is a dedicated, tightly knit group of like-minded individuals driven by religious zeal or a finely honed sense of justice. Friendship and camaraderie are important to members of the Order of the Gauntlet, and they share a trust and a bond normally reserved for siblings. Like highly motivated soldiers, members of the Order of the Gauntlet seek to become the best at what they do and look forward to testing their mettle. There are few, if any, “lone wolves” in this organization.


Faith is the greatest weapon against evil—faith in one’s god, one’s friends, and one’s self.
Battling evil is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary strength and bravery.
Punishing an evil act is just. Punishing an evil thought is not.

Political Alignment

Members of the Order tend to align with The Faithful.


To be armed, vigilant, and ready to smite evil, enforce justice, and enact retribution. This means identifying evil threats such as secretive power groups and inherently evil creatures, watching over them, and being ready to attack the moment they misbehave.

Order of the Gauntlet

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